Container Haulage Southampton

Container Haulage Southampton

Container haulage and transport services delivered by the best – You can rely on Portman Logistics for all your container and logistics needs. 

Based in Suffolk, yet operating all around the UK, we have years of experience in the industry to adapt to all of our customers’ needs no matter where you are located.

Container Transport Southampton

Our Managing Director has been working in the haulage industry for over 30 years and founded Portman Logistics more than a decade ago. We offer a complete delivery and logistics operation, serving all major UK ports, including Southampton. Dedicated to delivering high-quality, efficient container transport, we offer other essential services like stuffing, destuffing and devanning and operate literally 24/7.  

We would love to work with you because we love what we do! Our team is reliable, flexible and easy-going so your container haulage experience is guaranteed to be stress- and hassle-free, no matter if you’re down South in Southampton or on the other side of the country. Complete customer satisfaction is our main aim and we constantly endeavour to achieve 100%; this is through our expansion of facilities, introduction of innovative technology and, of course, our committed team. 

Our operating centre and fleet of vehicles has seen growth over the years, and this won’t stop any time soon. As our client catalogue increases and demand for our tertiary haulage services escalates, so does our company in one way or another.

Our real-time live tracking capabilities together with our team availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we can be proactive and ensure your order is in the safest hands.

Portman Logistics Southampton - Fleet of Vehicles

Your order will definitely be in the safest vehicles as we have an impressive fleet to transport containers wherever they need to go. Whether you need your order to leave from Southampton or arrive in Felixstowe, our lorries can safely and securely move it from A to B. Driving reliable units, like Scania and MAN, and using Dennison 14 lock sliding skeletal trailers, Portman Logistics only utilise the best. If you want to have a sneak peek at our beautiful fleet, visit our gallery and you will see our dependable vehicles. 

If you are looking for container transport in Southampton, or any other national ports, look no further than Portman Logistics.

Our container haulage services are available all around the country so whether you require delivery to Southampton or logistics from Southampton, we can cater to all needs. Talk to one of our team members to find out what we can do for you today.

The Port of Southampton

Container Haulage Southampton | Port of Southampton Map | Portman Logistics

Portman Logistics operate throughout the Port of Southampton. Our team have previously assisted clients throughout DPWS Container Terminal, seen to the left in the image above.