Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

As temperatures begin to drop and the winter weather settles in, it’s important to stay safe on the roads. Most HGV drivers won’t get a Christmas break like some this year, so may experience some dangerous driving conditions. Here are some top tips for driving during this unpredictable season:

Winter Driving Top Tips

Always Check Weather Forecast Beforehand

Before any journey, no matter what season, it’s always important to check the forecast so you can predict the conditions you will encounter and adapt your journey accordingly. The Met Office website should give you an accurate weather forecast so you will be aware of any potential hazards and choose any alternative routes, if necessary.

Keep Your Tank Filled Up

Also, before any journey, make sure your lorry is topped up with a full tank of fuel. Not only will this ensure your vehicle will continue to run if you run into any traffic, but it will keep your HGV heavy and steady on the road with better traction.

Slow, Safe & Steady Wins the Race

Speaking of steady, you will never be too careful on winter roads so moving at a slow yet sensible speed whilst keeping steady will ensure you are safe. Reducing speed will give you more reaction time to any accidents or wet/icy roads and avoiding sharp brakes or turns will make sure you have full control over your vehicle.

Ensure Safe Stopping Distances

Rain and snow increase the braking and stopping distances for any vehicle, especially HGVs. By maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, you will be able to safely react to surrounding drivers’ behaviour and be assured you have enough distance to stop if needed.

Let Your Lights Guide You

When visibility is reduced, it’s important to always use your lights. This isn’t just so they can guide you along the roads, but to also make sure other drivers around you are aware of your presence. If visibility is severely reduced, never stop on the hard shoulder; try and find the nearest rest stop and head off again once conditions improve.

Safety should always be put first and this is both the HGV drivers and other drivers on the road too. All of our drivers at Portman Logistics are reliable and will get your deliveries to their locations safely every time.

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