Summer Driving: How to Stay Cool on the Road

Spring is in full swing which means summer is just round the corner and the weather will be getting drier, sunnier and warmer. With drivers spending long hours on the road, it’s important to take into consideration the rising temperatures inside the cab.

Here are some tips on staying cool while on the road:

Take Advantage of the Air Conditioning

Many modern lorries come with air conditioning which can provide much-needed relief from the heat. Before setting off on a long journey, make sure this works as well as your electric windows so they can be wound down if needed too. Another way you can keep the cab cool is by using a portable fan that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

It’s always important to stay hydrated no matter the time of year, but more so in summer. The hot weather could lead to dehydration which then leads to fatigue which is incredibly dangerous when driving. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid this.

Dress Appropriately to Help Stay Cool

Wearing dark colours will absorb more heat from the sun and thicker clothes will obviously keep you extremely warm. Make sure you wear light and breathable clothing to help keep you cool and comfortable.

Plan Your Journey in Detail to Prepare

Try to avoid driving during the hottest part of the day; plan your journey so you are driving during the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. Also, plan in regular breaks and stops to help keep you alert, keep you hydrated and keep you cool by resting in the shade.

Safety should always be put first and this is the HGV driver’s responsibility. All of our drivers at Portman Logistics are reliable and will get your deliveries to their locations safely every time.

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