Smart Technology Solution for Driver Shortage

The driver shortage has been a hot topic for the logistics industry for a long time now, but support from every angle is being given to try and help this crisis. From government funding to investment in resources, the past few months have seen efforts to support new drivers, but could smart technology support even further?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a revolution that is helping with everyday tasks across all industries. Designed to assist drivers and streamline processes within transport businesses, AI is definitely making an impact and could be a potential solution for the driver shortage.

How is Smart Technology Being Used in the Logistics Industry?

Automation of Daily Tasks

One way in which AI has made daily tasks more efficient is by removing the need for manual and paper-based administration processes and enabling real-time updates. Documentation can now be completed on the road and communication between fleets and the office are smooth and seamless. This way, alerts can be sent regarding accidents and roadworks so drivers’ routes can be improved.

Dual-Facing AI-Enabled Dashcams

In addition to improving efficiency and productivity, smart technology also enhances driver safety amongst the fleet. Dashcams have improved safety in all vehicles on the road, however dual-facing dashcams will also record the inside of the cab to ensure safety within the vehicle too. They can alert drivers of potential risks and record real-time footage if incidents occur which can be reviewed for safety training purposes and as evidence for any claims.

Modern Onboarding Process for New Drivers

As well as processes used in everyday operations, the onboarding procedure for new drivers is improved by smart technology too. The entire process becomes more engaging due to this technology which immediately appeals to new drivers as well as simplifying onboarding. If a fleet is using up-to-date technology, new drivers will immediately recognise that they are moving with the times and improving their operations however they can.

Smart technology isn’t the be all and end all solution for the driver shortage, but its modernisation of a traditional industry will definitely appeal to new drivers and we are hopeful that this issue is being addressed.

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