5 Essential Questions to Ask a UK Container Haulage Company

If you’re looking for a new haulage company to support your business operations, it’s important that you choose a partner you can trust to deliver on your requirements.

To help you choose the best container logistics company to support your operations, here’s a list of five essential questions you should ask before you make a decision.

How Long Have You Been Operating?

Container haulage companies that are untrustworthy or provide substandard service don’t last long in this industry. So, in general, a company that has been running for ten years or so is likely to be much more trustworthy than a start-up.

Time also brings with it experience, haulage companies that have been operating for longer are likely to have the experience needed to navigate any unexpected challenges you might encounter. They’re more likely to have built strong relationships with reliable drivers and will have collected reviews and testimonials to prove the quality of their haulage process too.

Which Industries Do You Cater To?

The majority of haulage companies will cater to all industries, but some may specialise in more specific types of cargo like food shipment or auto transport for example.

If you need to transport something that’s a little more niche or has specific requirements, you should find a container logistics company that specialises in what you need.

What Technology Do You Use?

Up-to-date technology and equipment can make a real difference to the quality and reliability of the service your chosen logistics company will provide. GPS tracking, dash cams and CO2 monitoring systems are just a few examples of technology that can ensure the haulage operations you require run smoothly.

More specialist goods like chilled foods must be kept in special conditions to ensure they do not spoil, whilst other foods need to be kept above a minimum temperature so that their quality is not ruined. In both cases, temperature monitoring and adjustment technology is needed to ensure the products do not rise above or fall below a set temperature.

Which Ports Do You Serve?

A haulage company is only as good as its network. Ideally, you want to go with a logistics provider that operates from each of the UK’s major ports – From London Gateway to Liverpool.

This way, you’ll always be able to get your goods from wherever they are to wherever they need to be.

What Level of Customer Service Can I Expect from You?

Any good container transport company will put high quality customer service at the heart of its operations.

This involves clear and frequent communication, transparency and proactive problem solving at every stage of the transport process – All of which go a long way towards an effective haulage operation.

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