Port of Felixstowe is Trialling 5G for UK Government Programme

The Port of Felixstowe is one of the most popular container ports due to its strategic location and advanced facilities. These include additional deep-water capacity for the world’s largest container ships and the biggest intermodal rail freight facility in the UK.

Now, it continues its innovative developments by becoming part of the Governments 5G Trials and Testbeds Programme.

5G Trial at Felixstowe Port

In January, the port of Felixstowe was chosen to deploy 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). As part of this programme, the port is working alongside its partners Three UK, Cambridge University and Blue Mesh Solutions, as well as with key subcontractors Ericsson and Siemens.

The project cost £3.4million and has received £1.6million from the Government as part of 5G Create. 5G Create supports innovators discovering new ways to use the network to improve the public’s lives and boost British business.

Using a 5G private network installed by Three UK, it is testing the potential of the network across two cases:

  • enabling remote-controlled cranes via the transmission of CCTV and;
  • deploying Internet of Things sensors and Artificial Intelligence to optimise the predicative maintenance cycle of Felixstowe’s 31 quayside and 82 yard cranes.

What is This Trial Looking to Achieve?

All in all, the main focus for the trialling of 5G at this popular port is to test the potential transformation of asset management and maintenance in a complex industrial environment.

It is believed that this addition of 5G technology will boost efficiency, enhance productivity and improve safety across core operations and workforce. Also, it will help gain more insight into the innovation of 5G networks and support development of new use cases and commercial deployment.

5G and the Future of Container Ports

Felixstowe port is the flagship for all UK ports and, by conducting this trial, it will hopefully uncover essential means for creating a new global trading position for the country post-Brexit. Not only will this trial reveal the new capabilities 5G can bring to container ports, but it could unlock its potential across a huge range of UK industries.

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