Portman Logistics Container Truck entering Port

Planning for Logistics at Christmas

The time is coming, Christmas is on its way and everyone knows how important it is to plan and...

Portman Logistics Fleet of MAN Tractor Units

Ways to Achieve Sustainable Logistics and Green Credentials

Sustainable logistics refers to the environmentally friendly actions container haulage companies are striving to take. Alongside achieving maximum productivity...

Portman Logistics MAN Tractor Unit

Benefits of Satellite Tracking for Logistics Management

Satellite tracking in the transportation and logistics industry has proved to be one of the best tools, and not...

Cosco Container Shipping Port of Felixstowe

Brexit: New Regulations for UK Hauliers

At present, the UK has left the EU meaning we are currently in the transition period. This time should...

Cargo Shipping Companies | Portman Logistics

Shipping Container Sizes, Width & Dimensions – A Guide

Container shipping is one of the most efficient methods of transportation. The main reason for this is because there...

3 Year Contract Award

We are proud to announce that Portman Logistics Ltd has been awarded a 3 year contract with Travis Perkins...

Shipping Container Transport 12 Anniversary Blue Circle | Portman Logistics

12th Year Anniversary!

We are delighted to celebrate our 12th year anniversary. Portman Logistics was founded 13th March 2008.

Corona Virus (Covid-19) Policy

In light of the growing issues and concerns around Covid 19, Portman Logistics draws up a contingency plan to...

Sea Freight Rates | Portman Logistics

Photo-shoot at the Port of Felixstowe

We had a successful photo shoot, taken on the Port of Felixstowe as we are in the process of...

1st Year Anniversary of Contract

This month, we mark the first year anniversary of gaining a contract with Travis Perkins Plc.