The Importance of Haulage During the Pandemic

Since March 2020, we have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. One thing that has been significantly highlighted during this time is the importance of the haulage industry.

What is the Government Guidance for the Freight Industry?

The latest guidance states that during the COVID-19 response, members of the freight industry who work within supply chains are considered as critical workers. Supply chains are essential and need to continue moving no matter what, which is where haulage drivers and other logistics professions come in.

The Role of Haulage During the Pandemic

When you think about what the haulage sector has been through, especially with Brexit on top of this, and how they have still continued providing us with a reliable service during this uncertain time, it’s quite incredible. Labelled as key workers, this is an understatement for HGV drivers.

There are over 2.5million people who work in the UK’s transport and logistics industry and each one of them has been making a sacrifice every day to keep this country moving. Every individual who has continued to work in haulage during the pandemic has ensured that the nation’s live can remain as normal as possible.

Food, PPE and essential supplies, such as medicine, have continued to be delivered throughout the year. This has been extremely helpful for those who have had to self-isolate and for the other frontline workers during the pandemic. They are keeping us safe and healthy, and this should be greatly appreciated.

Support for the Haulage Industry

Simply put, it is important to recognise the amazing work the haulage industry is doing during this pandemic and to continue to follow government guidelines when it comes to the coronavirus. We need to keep on top of it all, as well as haulage workers, to reduce the spread and keep safe.

These key workers are risking their own health to make sure supplies are being delivered. So, show gratitude where you can and remember how important they are to this country.

At Portman Logistics, we are incredibly proud of our employees and our industry as a whole for all the work they have done during such a difficult time. We want to say a huge thank you and remind people how important they are!