The Importance of Communication Between the Fleet & Management

Communication is key in any business and industry, but especially so in the logistics sector. If there are ever any communication breakdowns, they need to be addressed immediately to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. 

Causes & Effects of Communication Breakdowns 

Common Causes 

No Clear Role Definition 

It is important for your fleet to know who to contact and what to contact them for. With poorly defined roles, individuals will not understand their responsibilities and miscommunication will occur. By ensuring roles are clarified, you will streamline the communication, and everyone will receive the correct messages and information. 

No Communication Plan 

We know that there are many different ways you can communicate with your fleet, but if you do not have a detailed communication plan of how and when you can communicate with people, it is pointless. Without clear instructions, there will be confusion amongst your team which leads to inconsistency and misunderstanding. 

No User-friendly Technology 

Speaking of technology, if you don’t use the technology that works best for you and your fleet, it can be a severe hindrance and negatively impact your communication. You need to make sure when you’re installing new equipment, that it’s appropriate for your requirements, easy to use and has helpful features. 

Common Effects 

Resulting from these common causes of communication breakdowns are: 

  • Disorganisation within the operations 
  • Loss of motivation and ultimately decreased productivity 
  • Tension amongst the team members throughout the hierarchy 
  • Stress due to wasted time spent on clarification 
  • Loss of clients and therefore earnings 

Why is Effective Communication Crucial? 

It Increases Loyalty Among Staff & Clients 

Strong communication between the fleet and management creates strong employee satisfaction. Drivers feel valued and respected, plus it helps the entire team come together as one, helping build connections and trust. With the fleet feeling more at ease and committed, this encourages them to provide a top notch service that is recognised by clients, building loyalty with them too. 

It Increase Productivity & Efficiency 

Communication software and technology is so advanced these days that it is possible to work more collaboratively as team and access data to analyse performance. This information can indicate benchmarks and targets, plus highlight any problem areas that need improving. By becoming aware of these, the fleet can become more efficient and even more motivated. 

It Resolves Issues Quickly & Effectively 

By encouraging an open and honest work environment with strong communication, there is less risk of any issues arising. Plus, if any problems do occur, they can be tackled and resolved almost immediately. Engaging in regular conversations with the fleet, management can strengthen their relationships with the ream and allow drivers to become more comfortable opening up. 

Satellite Tracking at Portman Logistics 

Good, strong communication between the fleet and management is key for the entire team but also for the entire company. At Portman Logistics, we recognise this and ensure we implement great communication amongst our staff.  

One of the ways in which we do this is with our Masternaut Satellite Tracking that is installed in our fleet. We have had it over 5 years now and it has really made a difference amongst our fleet management and communication – you can rely on us for all your logistics needs, including container haulage and general haulage in service areas across the UK. 

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