How to Increase Fuel Efficiency for Hauliers

Many individuals and business owners are currently feeling the pinch at the pump. Fuel prices have been skyrocketing, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. As a result, many haulers are starting to explore their fuel-efficient driving options.

Fuel Efficiency Tips

Consider Contract Buying

If you don’t believe that significant fuel efficiency can be obtained through your driving behaviours, contract buying might be a worthwhile consideration. Many large operators with several trucks in their fleet purchase a specific volume of fuel each year and receive a fixed price. This price is often lower than pump rates, allowing them to save money with each fuel top-up.

However, if you explore this option to make general haulage more affordable, consider your fuel storage requirements. You may need to invest in above-ground or underground tanks and abide by all Petroleum Regulations 2014 and Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002.

Introduce an Anti-Idling Policy

Those who are curious about what is most likely to increase fuel consumption may be surprised to learn that idling can appear on the list. As convenient as it might be for hauliers to leave their lorry running when they stop, it can use fuel without getting them any closer to their destination.

You may see fit to implement an anti-idling policy, which requires drivers in your fleet to switch off their engines when they’re not hauling goods which will result in fuel efficiency.

Analyse Fuel Efficiency Data

It’s not always easy to know where improvements can be made when you’re unsure how efficient your current practices are. Analyse fuel data by recording mileage and fuel usage for each trip to see if improvements are possible.

Sometimes, a simple change in driving routes can be enough to use less fuel while still abiding by Highway Code Rules and getting to your destination safely.

Improve Vehicle Aerodynamics

You may not be able to buy fuel-efficient wheels for your lorry or even upgrade to something more sustainable yet, but your vehicle may be suitable for aerodynamic improvements that lead to fuel savings.

High-sided vehicles may benefit from spoilers and wind deflectors that allow trucks to reduce drag on the road. Consult with your lorry’s manufacturer to see if this is an option for you.

Invest in Greener Vehicles

Many businesses achieve sustainable logistics and green credentials by investing in more sustainable vehicles. Compare the carbon emissions and eco-friendly features of each lorry to see if there are better options available than your current fleet. Many new trucks on the market are designed to run on more sustainable fuel sources and may have other features to help you save fuel.

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