HGV Driving Tips: How to Stay Focused on Long Drives

For haulage drivers, staying safe on the road is crucial. A key element of this involves maintaining focus and staying vigilant to potential hazards so that you can avoid them – losing concentration at the wheel could cost you your job, or worse still, your life.

On long journeys, it’s much easier to become distracted, you might let your mind wander, or you could become drowsy. Here are five tips for how HGV drivers can stay focused and safe on long journeys.

Eat Healthy Meals Regularly

There is a direct connection between your diet and your ability to concentrate. Although it can be tempting to fill up on unhealthy snacks and sugary energy drinks, your concentration levels will benefit from eating at least three healthy, nutritionally balanced meals each day.

Water is best for keeping you hydrated and also helps you avoid the blood sugar spikes and crashes commonly experienced with energy drinks that can make you feel even more tired than before you drink them.

Keep Your Cab Cool

It’s common knowledge that being warm and cosy makes you feel sleepy. Heat brings on fatigue, so if you’re already tired your risk of falling asleep at the wheel is increased when it’s warm.

When you can feel your focus slipping, try opening up a window or turning the AC on for a hit of cold air to cool the cabin down.

Pull Over If You Get Too Tired

This one should go without saying but if you feel yourself getting too tired to carry on driving, you should always pull over somewhere safe for a few minutes.

Getting out of your cab to take a short walk and stretch your legs can help you regain focus, or a short 20-minute nap could give you the energy boost you need to continue your journey.

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements can be just what you need to improve your focus and boost energy levels. For example, B Vitamins are known for helping to improve energy, focus and alertness.

Play Music or Listen to Audiobooks

Listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks are great for keeping your mind engaged, they give you something to focus on and can help you stay alert on longer journeys.

However, avoid putting on anything that’s too distracting or limits your ability to notice hazards around you.