Challenge & Trend Predictions for the Logistics Industry in 2021

After such an unpredictable year, it’s safe to say that the logistics industry can adapt and adjust to whatever life throws at it. The impact of COVID-19 will no doubt carry on into 2021 alongside other hurdles, challenges and trends.

We want to take a look at what’s to come and how this sector can prepare for the New Year.

Logistics Industry Expectations for 2021

The Ongoing Effects of COVID-19

With COVID-19 impacting over three quarters of 2020 and currently still, the effects will still be felt throughout next year too. A heavier reliance has been put on the logistics industry during this time and it is obvious that this demand will carry on. Transportation and delivery have been vital during 2020 and many changes to protocols and services have had to be made quickly and efficiently because of this.

Flexibility and adaptability have been crucial, and these are qualities that will still need to be present in the future too. Unforeseen obstacles, challenges, delays, and problems are likely to still occur during day-to-day life in logistics, but it is all the more important to be prepared and agile. It will be important for 2021 to use analytics measured over the last year to help be as proactive as possible, in order to identify problems and solutions early on.

Increase in eCommerce Business

The eCommerce retail sector was one industry that boomed during the global pandemic this year and this heavily leaned on the transport and logistics industry. This sector has been essential to keep this country moving and to deliver online orders and a huge range of products to both businesses and customers.

This is not one trend to disregard for 2021 as it is extremely likely that the popularity for online shopping will continue and consistently grow over the next year and beyond. Lots of other industries have switched to a digital office with working from home, so this ‘new normal’ is expected to stay. With ordering online being the number one way to shop for many and transportation methods as a priority for delivery, it will be a busy future for every logistics company.

Green Logistics Are Here to Stay

Sustainability has been a huge topic for 2020, gaining traction with the majority of people staying at home and trying to do their bit for the environment. Sustainable logistics and green credentials have always been present in the industry, offering ways to help the environment but also making processes and procedures within the workplace efficient too.

This movement is here to stay due to the rise in consumer demand for more sustainable practices. The trends show that customers are much more likely to choose to use companies for goods and services that have a more eco-aware business model. As more and more new ways are being developed to help the environment, the logistics industry should make sure they keep up to date in 2021 so they can ensure they are doing everything they can to provide a planet-friendly service.

Logistics Industry Preparation for 2021 and the Future

A significant change that is occurring in 2021 is Brexit and with this being one of the first events to happen in the new year, it is more important than ever to be prepared.

A lot has changed this year and it looks to be continuing throughout 2021. At Portman Logistics, we always make sure we are proactive in everything we do and keep up to date with all the logistics trends, so we are as prepared and as efficient as possible.

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