Benefits of Satellite Tracking for Logistics Management

Satellite tracking in the transportation and logistics industry has proved to be one of the best tools, and not just for driver navigation. GPS location service tools and technology provide logistics management with a number of benefits, which is why Portman Logistics are still using it today.

Advantages to Using Satellite Tracking for Logistics Management

Improved Fleet Management

With real-time visibility of the fleet, you have a direct line of communication in case of any required alterations to the journey or other informed decisions that need to be made. It gives you the ability to see where each vehicle is on its journey, so the fleet can be managed in a more effective way. 

Easy Operational Efficiency

Although a monitoring system, satellite tracking has the facility to send notifications if something requires attention. Reports are no longer needed to be administrative based as all the essential information is stored through the system. Any decision can be made as soon as it needs to be with automated alerts, therefore gaining peace of mind during operation.

Driver Safety & Performance Increased

This efficiency is passed onto the drivers and satellite tracking actually boosts productivity amongst the team. With real-time visibility of drivers’ hours and availability, operator compliance is guaranteed, and fleet utilisation is increased. It also encourages drivers to maintain safety measures at the wheel due to the monitoring of driving behaviour.

Stronger Security

The monitoring capabilities of satellite tracking allows you to have eyes on the fleet no matter where they are. Also, as mentioned before, with automated alerts, you can identify if there is any suspicious movement so you can communicate with your team and take action if necessary. There’s a lot of money at risk when it comes to logistics, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Better Quality Customer Service

With all the above put together, increased productivity leading to faster delivery times, this results in boosted customer service. If your clients request some information about their shipments, you will have all of the data at your fingertips. Accurate schedules and on-time deliveries will always be favoured by clients which you can achieve through satellite tracking.

Detailed Cost Analysis of Logistics Management

By tracking your fleet, you can enforce more efficient journeys that will help towards cutting down energy consumption and, ultimately, cut fuel costs. Monitoring bad habits and fuel mileage can aid in identifying older vehicles that consume and cost more, plus address individual drivers’ bad habits that could be costing you money too.

Satellite Tracking at Portman Logistics

At Portman Logistics, we’ve had New Masternaut Satellite Tracking installed in our fleet for nearly 5 years now. It is safe to say that we have experienced all those benefits and are grateful to the improvements it has made to our container haulage service over the years. You can definitely rely on us!

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