All About the Port of Liverpool

As the world’s oldest enclosed commercial dock, dating back to 1715, the Port of Liverpool remains one of the UK’s busiest and most important destinations for imports and exports alike. Unsurprisingly, the Portman Logistics team frequently uses it on behalf of valued clients like you.

Whether looking for container haulage in Liverpool or any related service, here’s what you need to know about the Port of Liverpool.

A Profile on the Port of Liverpool

Who Owns & Operates the Port of Liverpool?

The working docks are owned and operated by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company while the Canal & River Trust is responsible for the docks to the south of the pier head. Garston Docks, which is owned and operated by Associated British Ports, does not officially form a part of the enclosed commercial docks. The iconic Port of Liverpool building is located at Pier Head and is joined by the Liver Building and Cunard Building to form the Three Graces.

How Much Traffic Does the Port of Liverpool Experience?

The King’s Dock Port of Liverpool is the UK’s fourth-largest regarding the total tonnage of its annual haulage statistics. The port handles over 600,000 containers carrying over 32 million tonnes each year. Only London, Grimsby, and Milford Haven handle more.

As well as operating two terminals – Royal Seaforth Container Terminal (RSCT) and Liverpool2 – the port was extended in 2016 to satisfy the growing demands for innovative solutions. It now handles 60 vessels per month while it is also supported by strong road and rail connections to the rest of the UK.

Why is it So Popular for Importing & Exporting?

Liverpool remains an immensely popular port for traders and logistics companies alike. Here’s why:

A Global Network

Liverpool is known for exporting large volumes to Ireland, the United States, Canada, India, and Spain. Its imports mostly come from the United States, Canada, Ireland, China, and Algeria. So, it can be used by businesses trading with countries around the world.

UK Links

The Port of Liverpool is supported by ports at Greenock in Scotland, Dublin in Ireland, and Manchester’s Ship Canal. When combined with the aforementioned road and rail links, it is arguably the best connected port in the UK, thus providing a great route to major markets.

The port provides some of the deepest water close to the open sea of any European port which is crucial. It is also closer to the main European shipping lanes within the Hamburg – Le Havre range than any other port.

Suitable Logistics Solutions

The Port of Liverpool can facilitate haulage services for companies of all sizes. Key features include the two-terminal setup, deep water capabilities, modern infrastructure spearheaded by recent investments, storage and warehouses solutions, and the Irish Sea hub. Everything your business needs can be found on the Mersey.

General Haulage to & From the Port of Liverpool by Portman Logistics

The King’s Dock Port of Liverpool has been a key component in the UK’s international trade market for centuries and continues to keep the haulage industry moving in the right direction to this day. For businesses like yours, it offers a convenient, cost-effective, and carbon-friendly solution. When combined with the fact that it is equipped to deal with busy periods too, it’s little wonder why it is the number one choice for many.

At Portman Logistics, we provide general and container haulage to a number of ports in the UK, including Liverpool. Contact us today to find out more information and what we can do for you.