All About the Port of Felixstowe

Over the years, the port of Felixstowe has been visited by the Portman Logistics team more times than we can count. As Britain’s biggest and busiest container port, it comes as no surprise that container haulage to and from Felixstowe is a requirement of many clients every day.

This is why we wanted to take an opportunity to delve into the history of Felixstowe port and find out more about this destination we so frequently use.

A Profile on Felixstowe Port

Port of Felixstowe
Photo Credit: Peregrine Bush

Who Owns & Operates the Port of Felixstowe?

Hutchison Ports owns and operates the port of Felixstowe which is a subsidiary of Hutchison Holdings Ltd. (CK Hutchison). As one of the largest foreign investors to Britain, it has diverse business operations encompassing 6 core sectors: ports and related services, telecommunications, finance and investments, retail, infrastructure, and energy.

How Much Traffic Does Felixstowe Port Experience?

Felixstowe port is one of the largest ports in Europe, so it’s safe to say that it sees its fair share of traffic day-to-day. Annually, the port welcomes roughly 3,000 ships and more than 4,000,000 20-foot Equivalent Units. This includes the largest container vessels afloat today!

Following on from this, there are around 17 different shipping lines that operate from this port. They offer 33 services to and from over 700 ports around the world, so this port truly works on a global scale. As well as this, it has unrivalled rail and road connections from the port to distribution hubs in the Midlands and other locations across the UK.

Why is it So Popular for Importing & Exporting?

Felixstowe is a popular port for a huge number of traders and logistics businesses for many reasons.

UK Location

Felixstowe is the best location in Britain for importing and exporting goods due to the facts above. Offering unparalleled flexibility and a broad variety of connections, it’s no wonder that many choose this port to import and export from.

Geographical Location

The port provides some of the deepest water close to the open sea of any European port which is crucial. It is also closer to the main European shipping lanes within the Hamburg – Le Havre range than any other port.

Cater to Any Size

The port of Felixstowe has the ability to fit the world’s largest container vessels in the port rotation of major services with minimum deviation from the main shipping route. Showcasing flexibility again, this is a time-sensitive benefit too as it is located only 2 hours away from the pilot station.

General Haulage To and From Felixstowe Port by Portman Logistics

Port of Felixstowe
Photo Credit: Peregrine Bush

It is obvious that Felixstowe is vital in keeping the UK’s trade moving and delivers a variety of real benefits to not only customers but to the economy and the environment as well. Time savings with reduced risk of tidal and congestion delay, cost savings, plus reduction of carbon emissions, there’s no doubt why Felixstowe is a popular port choice.

At Portman Logistics, we provide general and container haulage to a number of ports in the UK, of course including Felixstowe. Contact us today to find out more information and what we can do for you.